Rose Day 4th July 2019

4th July 2019
We just had our wonderful Rose Day event on the 4th July with an American Independence day theme, thank you to all our families who joined us! 
Rose Day began over 26 years ago, as a celebration to commemorate the old school building being open for 100 years. There were four classes in school; each performed a dance and the whole school paraded around Crossflatts in their finery. This was then repeated the following year and so the tradition began! As the years have gone by, Rose Day has grown into a celebration of friendship and our way of saying goodbye to Year 6 each year.
On Rose Day, families and friends of Crossflatts are invited to our Rose Day celebrations, which take place on the Key Stage 1 playground. The audience sit on the banking and we begin the ceremony by welcoming the Rose Day King and Queen. These are two children from Year 6, who arrive with our Nursery Attendants. Each class perform a dance and then our King and Queen pass on the commemorative Rose Day plate and a new rose bush to our Year 5, our new Year 6 in September.
In the evening, we continued our Rose Day celebrations, which are planned and organised by our PTA