PTA - Friends of Crossflatts

Welcome to our new and exciting PTA page.
We are pleased to announce that our new PTA Chairs will be Nickola Brewis who is a LSA (Learning Support Assistant) in Year 4 and a parent of a child at Crossflatts Primary and Lisa Wilkinson who is a LSA in Year 3.
Nickola and Lisa would like to say a big thank you for all the involvement in the PTA both previously and currently, to the lovely staff and parent volunteers who have helped make it such a success. We hope to continue building upon the hard work that has already been done and involve lots more staff and parents in future decisions and events.
Our next PTA meeting will be held on Friday 8th March at 8.50am in the School Staff Room. We would like to warmly invite everybody along to this meeting to discuss our upcoming events which are the Easter Disco and Egg Decorating Competition. We would love to see new faces at the meetings so if you are free to join us please come along to see how by giving us a little bit of your time the impact it would have. 
Over the upcoming weeks we will be adding new content to this page including who has been appointed to the roles within the PTA, all the minutes from the meetings, and important news about events and how we are spending the money we raise. 
From this point on the PTA will communicate with families on this page of the website and the Weekly Bulletin which has a section at the bottom for information from the PTA. We hope this makes it easier for everyone to see the amazing efforts that the PTA go to in order to enhance our environment and experiences at Crossflatts Primary School.
If you would like to contact the PTA please email:  or feel free to chat to us in the playground.
Thank You