Supporting children at home during this period of isolation.


We very much appreciate that there is a great deal of anxiety and worry amongst parents and children at this very difficult time. We know that children thrive on structure and clarity and we hope to be able to offer some direction as to how you may keep your child safe, well and learning.

It is recommended that children are provided with some structure to their day when possible and an outline of what the day ahead is going to look like. By timetabling some events of the day, this may offer your child some reassurance. Every day it is important that children get a chance to exercise and have fresh air – even if this can only mean time spent out in the garden, we all know this is essential for both physical and mental health. We would hope that within a day, you will provide them with opportunities to learn and progress. As a school we would like to direct you to some fantastic resources which will be able to support your child.


  •          We have purchased workbooks for reading and maths for every child – these are the CGP books. Children can work directly into these books.


  •          Projects – Teachers will prepare a project for your child to complete at home. These projects will cover the wider curriculum and give your child an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and creativity


  •          Reading – this remains one of the most important ways that you can support your child’s learning. Please read with them and spend time discussing the text. Developing your child’s fluency in reading provides a gateway to the whole curriculum.


  •          Times tables – use of times tables Rockstars. Rapid recall of times tables makes all calculation much easier and accurate.


  •          There are many fantastic resources which are available online and we have compiled a list of websites which provide a wide variety of learning opportunities for your child.


As Senior leaders in our school, we are in regular communication with teachers and we may be able to add further guidance and support as we are made aware of the length of time we may be closed. Any updates, will be published on our website.


We thank you for your understanding and support.