As part of World Autism Awareness Week, don't forget to tune into a very special episode of Daisy and Ollie, starring Daisy’s cousin Theo, who is autistic, plus guest cameos from Christine and Paddy McGuinness. Watch it on Milkshake! on Channel 5 at 7:10am on Thursday 2 April, or on my5 catchup any time.
During this time of school closure, I understand that it may be especially difficult for our children with ASC. Routines have been changed dramatically which will have a profound impact on daily life. 
I have posted some information below for both parents & our pupils to support you as much as possible while school is closed. 
Please remember above all else that the mental well-being of your child, and of course yourself is paramount. Do something each day which makes you smile, watch a favourite movie together, have a picnic in the sunshine, make a mess with glitter (apologies in advance for that one!). 
Above all else please take care,  
Mrs McCausland 
Leader of Learning in DSP 

If anyone is getting a bit bored of using the same resources, the University College London has a Centre of Excellence with regards to inclusive education and you may find the following resources very helpful:


Please do not feel obliged or pressured to be home educating - remember to do what is right for you and your child - health and happiness matters more than anything!
Useful Websites: 
Please remember a routine is very important, why not use the below template to help start planning your day: