The Crossflatts Curriculum


                 The Crossflatts Curriculum


Our Intent-The Why


The Thrill…

Our curriculum is the bread and butter of our organisation. It is planned with a great deal of consideration, precision and continuous reflection. It begins in the engine room of our school- the Early Years. Our curriculum is progressive, coherently planned and exciting.  It lights the learning fires within our children but also within our staff. Our curriculum is designed to hook our children into learning, in order to do this we have to ensure we have listened to our children and what they are naturally interested in learning about. Our ‘Big Start’ events fortify the school spirit together and provide the catalyst at the beginning of each step along the learning journey where memories are made and children’s imaginations fired. As a result, our children possess highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education and the role they play as a member of the Crossflatts Family.



The Will…

From the very beginning of each child’s journey with us, we teach our children the power of intrinsic motivation. Our children regardless of their age are able to take advantage of all opportunities as a means of improving themselves. We carefully find where each child’s starting point is and go from there. Their journey is individual and bespoke. It is our job to set them off on the correct path and guide them through to their destinations. As a result, our children are taught to be independent, resilient and determined learners who possess grit and dig deeper when the going gets tough.



The Skill…

We are very clear in our minds as to what every child should know, remember and be able to do at key points on their journey with us, right from the very beginning in Early Years to agreed end points at key milestones. Our curriculum is clear, logical and systematic- Our children must know their phonics first and fast, then be able to read fluently, write cursively, have a command of spelling and basic mental maths. These are life skills necessary to live in the real world. We plan a progressive and challenging pathway which provides an abundance of opportunities to apply all of their skills, knowledge and understanding across all subjects. As a result, our children can build on what they have been taught before and that they have acquired all the concepts, knowledge and skills to conclude each year and Key Stage with an advantage and remain on track for their end of Key Stage goals.



…To be Brill

We are preparing children for life, not simply for end of Key Stage Sat tests.  Their learning, whatever shape that takes must demonstrate that they are better today than they were yesterday. That they are making incremental gains every day that soon add up over the course of a week, month and half term.  As a result, our children have the skills and confidence to be able to turn their hands to anything independently by the time they leave us at the end of Key Stage 2 whilst achieving at least in line with their national neighbours. Each of our children will have developed their talent and interests, have had their moment to shine and feel success whilst possessing strong cultural capital, which enables social mobility for our children regardless of individual circumstances.